We help Ukraine





Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, more than 8 million people have been forced to leave their homes and seek the refuge elsewhere in the country and abroad.

Since the 24th of February, from the beginning of the Russian invasion, more than 3 million Ukrainians have found a refuge in Poland. A lot of refugees also arrived inTarnówand the surrounding area.

The 24th of February, 2022 will be associated with Russia’s barbaric attack on Ukraine forever. This day changed the lives of all Ukrainians. Do we speak only about  the Ukrainians? Although hostilities are far from our homes, no doubt  that the war has entered our daily routine. All of us feel it. The Polish response tothe Russian aggression and the chaos of the war, it is an act of solidarity. Our association has carried out a lot of activities to help the refugees.

For many years,the Association “Just Together” has been working side by side with the Food Bank in Krakow to help families in dire economic situation. When we see how many people,who found a safe shelter in our region, from Ukraine suffer, we can’t be aside. One form of aid is:to organize food support for refugees.With the help of the Food Bank in Krakow, long-term food has been donated to more than 300 refugees who live in Tarnów and the surrounding municipalities.  We hope that our actions will bring a little joy to the Ukrainian families, at this extremely difficult time for them, when they lose faith in the future, they will become a source of faith in a better future and give more strength to survive this difficult time.

Charlotte’s help

My name is Charlotte, I’m 22 years old and I’m french.
One day, after I finished to work, I was watching the Ukrainian news. The russian atrocities, that were shown on TV, made me cry.

Why am I sitting quietly in my chair when innocent people are dying a few thousand miles away? I can’t stay with people who are indifferent to others. I didn’t see any point in that. A day later, I called my friends to collect the necessary medicine to transport them to the Ukrainian soldiers. When I arrived in Tarnow, I met with the head of the foundation and he noted that Ukrainians need more than the Polish people can give.

So, money which I was able to save for the winter, I spent on groceries at the supermarket. After the food was donated to the fund, I was happy to give it to the Ukrainians who came for food aid.

After that, the director of the foundation suggested that I connect him with French associations, which will be able to collect food, first aid equipment and computers to help organizations in Poland and the military in Ukraine.

Therefore, with the help of the Ukrainian girl Eugenia, who speaks English, we translated the Foundation’s website into French and English, so that French-speaking people have access the information about the Foundation’s activities.

I also wrote an informational post on Facebook to inform more people about my collaboration with the FPDP team.

Thanks to this publication, my father Yvan Chassoulier offered to donate 100 euros to the fund. The next day I took two Ukrainian families, Olena and Anna with their children, for a morning shopping trip and thanks to this money they were able to buy summer shoes. Both families left satisfied and with a smile on their faces.

My grandmother, Simone Chassoulier decided to support the people and donated 100 euros, which we spent on the basic necessities such as soap, toilet paper and personal hygiene products.

People needed more food and clothes, and we helped them with that!